What they DON'T tell you on prep groups!

This is a blog of the things we have learned as a new adoptive Mum and Dad to three children under the age of five. For 'Mum' you can read 'Dad' and 'parent'. It is also a record of some of the things no-one told us on the prep groups. Some of it is what children get up to in general and some of it is adoption-specific. Regardless, it should be an interesting read for any parent, prospective and adoptive. Feel free to add your comments, which I shall publish.

24 Jan 2011

Being an adoptive Mum is...

...dreading meeting birth mum but also having a small amount of curiosity thrown in


  1. I met my daughters birth mum but was her foster carer at the time I think if I met her now I would have lots of different emotions.I'm glad I met her as hard as the meetings were,there are days I can see birth mum in my beautiful daughter and it just brings a smile to my face.Just be you,good luck xx

  2. Gosh how surreal! Hope it went as well as possible x