What they DON'T tell you on prep groups!

This is a blog of the things we have learned as a new adoptive Mum and Dad to three children under the age of five. For 'Mum' you can read 'Dad' and 'parent'. It is also a record of some of the things no-one told us on the prep groups. Some of it is what children get up to in general and some of it is adoption-specific. Regardless, it should be an interesting read for any parent, prospective and adoptive. Feel free to add your comments, which I shall publish.

21 Jan 2011

Being an adoptive Mum is...

...remembering how long the process has taken to get you here and having doubts along the way, partly because the process takes so flipping long that it is ALL you think about and so those doubts creep in.  If you get married, or go on holiday, you think about it then do it, set a date and then it consumes your whole life (more or less!) until the day arrives.  You count down the days, weeks, months and so on.  Planning every meticulous detail over and over.  Adopters don't have that luxury, it's like the vicar saying yes you can get married but I'm not going to tell you until a week before, and then two years later you have to buy the dress and everything in a week!